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Do you want a professional move at the right price?
Three reasons why it is worth choosing us:

Faster pace, cheaper move!

Most movers works hourly, but what is the pace of work?! Our teams of ex-athletes are the guarantee that you can save time and thus money thanks to our good endurance.

We build on recommendations.

Over the years we are proud of the opinions of countless of our satisfied customers and partners. We belive that the recommendation is the best advertisement, we will do our best for your positive opinion!

Let's help sick children together!

If you move with us, you will also support the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital, and we are proud of our long-term donation contract and our special support status.

They said about us

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“They said they were pros, yet I was pleasantly disappointed! I hadn’t used the help of a moving company before because I hadn’t needed it so far, and I was a little afraid of it because in most cases I heard that movers were working slowly to pull time, so you have to pay more. In the case of Promove, I found the exact opposite! It was as if the boys wanted to set up some individual peak! They are extra fast and kind, and I am extra satisfied.”

Edina Kulcsár
Beauty queen

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“In a person’s life, it rarely happens that he moves and if he moves, he leaves his life so far, he wants to move quickly and painlessly. If he wants to move that way, I can recommend Promove! Fast, pros, good-natured, and which is also important that they work at a good price! It is terribly respectable to have been a professional athlete who has put their lives so far into the sport and since they had to switch, they were contracted to a similarly professional team! I can only recommend them to everyone!”

Csaba Debreczeny
Mari Jászai Award-winning actor


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