Do not despair when moving abroad, international relocation is also our specialty!

Every move can leave us with worry, especially when we have a lot of belongings. And if we have to move abroad, distance and different cultures and rules can make us even more uncertain. Indeed, international removals require special preparedness, and we do not recommend that you entrust this responsible activity to incompetent entrepreneurs.

With us, your values will be safe throughout the entire period of your move, and we are always available throughout the shipping process.

What does the success of the international relocation depend on?

Success is very complex. However, we try to summarize our years of experience in some points, so you can see that everything is ready for a quick and smooth relocation.

1. Reliable vehicles

We must be sure that the car will not break down on the long road, as this would not be good news for us or for you.

That is why our cars are constantly maintained and we pay special attention to ensure that they are always in excellent technical condition. So our drivers will always be able to get into the vehicle without any problems to get to the scene and then home afterwards.

2. Experienced drivers

Our cars will not roam on the roads aimlessly, get lost, stumble upon closures, collect unnecessary tolls, as our drivers have international transport practices. Our drivers are always on the fastest route, so you don’t have to count on any extra time and costs. We will get to the target site quickly, without any problems.

3. Suppliers in good condition

In case of moving abroad, two of our employees will be on the car, they will drive alternately. They will also do the wraps, but one of the foundations of our success is the human factor. Our employees are ex-athletes in excellent physical condition, so moving furniture and boxes is just a child’s play, not a challenge for them.

4. Accurate preliminary calculations

It is important that you accurately aggregate the quantity of boxes, furniture, electronic devices and household appliances to be transported, so we will be able to send a car accordingly. In this case, you do not need to be afraid of excess weight, as this is severely punished on the roads.

In addition to these, we also calculate the tolls in our preliminary quotation, we try to determine the fee to be paid as accurately as possible. The exact total amount will be calculated after the last package is unloaded, when the hourly rate is closed.

5. Continuous telephone dispatching service

We are always in contact with our drivers, we know where the car is and that everything is in order, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to call our central number, as our telephone staff can always answer your call. One of the secrets of success is precisely the dispatching service, since you do not have to look for drivers on your car, we can inform you about everything.

Moving next to the border by a few km is also an international relocation, but don’t worry!

If the destination is not in Hungary, the transport will be of an international nature regardless of the distance, but the costs are, of course, more moderate as a result of hourly settlement than if we were travelling across Europe. Ask us for a personalized quote and trust our expertise!

International removals are a daily routine with us, make sure you and choose us!


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